“Daddy, were you brave? And how come you’re not a fireman anymore?”

by Don Prince, IMAC, NCACIP Warrior's Heart There will come a day when your son or daughter will find that photo of you that we all have had taken when we joined or made Class “A” status or got promoted. You know the one where you look somewhat awkward with your hat tipped to far … Continue reading “Daddy, were you brave? And how come you’re not a fireman anymore?”

Behind the Scenes of Addiction

by Don Prince Recovery Coach We never think about the harm and hurt we are causing others when our selfish thinking and actions take over our lives. I know this was true for me, and many other men and women that I talked to or have aided in getting the help that they need and … Continue reading Behind the Scenes of Addiction

Time and Sacrifice

by Don Prince Doing what we do is an amazingly rewarding sacrifice of our time, and the commitment that we make when we sign up to be a part of something that, over time, grows within us and becomes part of who we are.   Time spent helping strangers, time spent training and being a … Continue reading Time and Sacrifice

For You Brother, I Will

by Eric Paniak Firefighter Are we really saving our own? We talk about brotherhood— We talk about saving our own— Are these things that only happen on the fire ground? Why is it that when one of our own is having emotional problems we alienate or isolate them? Our job is inherently dangerous and mentally … Continue reading For You Brother, I Will