They Called Us Heroes

by Rev Kevin Coughlin, PhD When I was a younger man, I took an oath to protect and serve my fellows. I wore a shiny badge on my chest, a bullet-proof vest, and carried a powerful weapon. At academy, I was at the top of my class, a squad leader, and an expert shot. I … Continue reading They Called Us Heroes

Hiding in Plain Sight

by Captain Robert Cubby (retired) Jersey City (NJ) Police Department Once again, we hear about another officer killed in the line of duty. We mourn the loss of Police Officer Randolph Holder of the New York City Police Department whose end of watch was October 20, 2015. May he rest in peace. I have attended … Continue reading Hiding in Plain Sight

“I am Tough, and I Don’t Need Help”

by Kristi Tausinga Patrol Officer, Enforcement Compliance Division Arizona Department of Transportation I just wanted someone to believe me. I wanted someone to care. My intention was not necessarily to harm myself, I just needed help. However, I didn’t know how to ask. I am a cop and cops “don’t ask for help”. We’re tough, … Continue reading “I am Tough, and I Don’t Need Help”