Living Someone Else’s Worst Day

Reverend D. Dean Young Senior Chaplain and President Pinellas Chaplains’ Association Inc The day had been a pleasant one, I had spent it with my family preparing for Christmas festivities. I was holding my youngest son when the alert went off. It said: Signal 7, PD/EMS Involvement, veh vs mc, engulfed in flames. The location was … Continue reading Living Someone Else’s Worst Day

Emergency Services PTSD and Breach Of Trust – A Partner’s View

by Veronique Moseley Editor's Comment: This is a MUST READ for every public safety and emergency service family!  Ross and I work hard on our project Behind The Seen in the area of prevention of mental health issues among emergency services workers. We have been told many times that our sessions, our Facebook messages, our … Continue reading Emergency Services PTSD and Breach Of Trust – A Partner’s View

The Twelve-Step Approach to PTSD

by Joel Brende, MD Editor’s Note: It has been stated many times that first responders have a kinship with Vietnam Veterans. Why? Because, like these Vets, they are asking - no, demanding! - help  in coping with the horrific images, nightmares, and the other mental and emotional casualties of their professions. Lewis Epright, Sr., a … Continue reading The Twelve-Step Approach to PTSD