The Pink Cross

by Tami Bulik I carry her spirit and the spirits of many others along with me through this life and they will remain forever in my heart. They will continue to remind me that sometimes, the only thing I can do is just be there for my patient and let them know that someone does … Continue reading The Pink Cross

The Lights in Shadow Land

by Careen Condrotte Once upon a time, the stories will tell About a place here on Earth, between heaven and hell. Where one need not sleep, to have the bad dreams Because the flashbacks seem real, the smells and the screams. For despite valiant efforts, sometimes they lose. For some there are answers, but not … Continue reading The Lights in Shadow Land

First Responder Stress and the Family Blame Game

by Veronique Moseley “it is one of the most confusing, heart wrenching and lonely experiences to watch someone you love riding a rollercoaster of emotional states from intermittent irrational angry outbursts to complete emotional distancing, interspersed with moments of tears, hopelessness and thoughts of self-harm… and still, no one believes that things are really as … Continue reading First Responder Stress and the Family Blame Game