Who Helps Those That Help Us

by Steven Gerlang, EMT Central Islip Hauppauge Volunteer Ambulance Our emergency service workers; Police Officers, Firefighters, Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians: psychological well-being is often taken for granted and over looked. Studies have shown that there are roughly 18 to 20 members of our Emergency Services that take their own lives each day here in … Continue reading Who Helps Those That Help Us

Secondary PTSD

by Bob Rabe April 2014 Every critical incident has similarities, and everyone is different.  Every law enforcement officer's reaction is individual to them as well.  Some officers go through the process of integrating the experience into their psyche without difficulty.  Usually this is with the help of others (peer group counseling, debriefings).  It is difficult … Continue reading Secondary PTSD

There is No Superman! – The Role of the Spouse in the Fire Service

by Peggy Sweeney Over the years, I have been very fortunate to not only instruct firefighters, but many of their wives or partners as well. When I would ask them for comments, questions, or feedback, I usually would receive little or no response. Understandably! Wives [and husbands] are very reluctant to talk in front of … Continue reading There is No Superman! – The Role of the Spouse in the Fire Service

911, What Is MY Emergency?

by Angela Beaty 911 Dispatcher Marshall County, Iowa Communications My journey learning about PTSD begins with my marriage. This is where the initial trauma happened. My marriage was a nightmare for the most part. I called my ex-husband the AAA asshole. Alcoholic. Addicted. Abuser. He over drank almost every night and was addicted to many … Continue reading 911, What Is MY Emergency?

That is a Combat Disorder….

by Firefighter Captain Joel Holbrook If you ask anyone who knew me growing up, "tell me something about Joel?" They would reply, "He always wanted to be a firefighter." I am not sure what my fascination was, but it was something I wanted to do when I grew up. But, like most teens, there were … Continue reading That is a Combat Disorder….