What You Can Do with Anger

by Peggy Sweeney The Sweeney Alliance

If you choose to use anger in a positive fashion, it can be the driving force behind saving lives.

For those of us in the emergency response professions, we are always saddened to learn about the line of duty death of a firefighter, EMS person, or police officer especially if they were a member of our department or someone who was a very close friend.

I do not doubt that each one of us, in our own way, tries to cope with a variety of thoughts and feelings when we hear the news. The closer you are to the situation, the deeper and more profound the feelings. Your department may have experienced a similar line of duty death in the past. With this recent death, you may find yourself reliving the memories of that past tragedy over and over again in your mind. Many of the feelings you thought were buried deep inside of you may be slowly inching their way back into your mind and heart. Depending on the type of incident that caused the death, I would suspect that some of you may find that anger is the most predominant emotion. Rip-roaring, full-blown ANGER! Continue reading “What You Can Do with Anger”