What Was Your Worst Call?

by an Anonymous Dispatcher At one time or another, anyone who has worked in Emergency Services for more than a few months will get asked, what was your worst call?  This is a question we hate after being asked the first time.  How do you quantify and qualify "the worst?" Does "the worst" have specific … Continue reading What Was Your Worst Call?

The Lights in Shadow Land

by Careen Condrotte Once upon a time, the stories will tell About a place here on Earth, between heaven and hell. Where one need not sleep, to have the bad dreams Because the flashbacks seem real, the smells and the screams. For despite valiant efforts, sometimes they lose. For some there are answers, but not … Continue reading The Lights in Shadow Land

Just a Dispatcher

by An Anonymous Dispatcher You’re just a dispatcher. You know nothing, and you see nothing, so it can’t bother you. Really? Dispatchers don’t see anything. They should all be fine. These are just some of the things many dispatchers are told during their careers. On the surface, these comments may sound reasonable, logical, and correct. … Continue reading Just a Dispatcher

Reflections on Times Past with PTSD

by Bubba Over the next few days, most, if not all of us, will start reflecting on the last year, which turns into years.  For me, this year means seeing a list of failures and loss in some areas, and gains in others.  The negative for the year is, of course, easy to see. First, … Continue reading Reflections on Times Past with PTSD