Meet Peggy Sweeney

peggycvfd300xPeggy Sweeney is a graduate of John A. Gupton Mortuary College (Nashville, TN), a mortician, and bereavement educator. Since 1990, Peggy has written numerous programs and taught countless workshops on coping with loss and grief for families and professionals and is experienced in both group and individual bereavement education. Her many program offerings include: How to Understand Grief Seminars (the HUGS program), Children Healing After Trauma, Grief and the Chemically Dependent, When a Child Dies, Surviving the Holidays, and Grief Visits the Classroom.

Peggy has been an advocate for the physical health, safety, and emotional wellness of emergency response professionals and their families for over twenty years. She wrote the Grieving Behind the Badge course in 1997 to address these needs and has taught her program throughout the United States and in Canada. In addition to this Grieving Behind the Badge website, Peggy also hosts the Journeys Through Grief website for families and Coursework in Grief, a free, online program.

Peggy is a former member of the Comfort (TX) Volunteer Fire Department and has served as an EMT-B. Peggy has authored newspaper columns for the public in general as well as award-winning articles dealing with the sensitive issues that come with job-related stress and grief in Emergency Services, Public Safety, and Corrections. Her writings have been featured in print and electronic publications for the Federation of Fire Chaplains, the Los Angeles Fire Firefighter newspaper (former staff writer), the International Association of Women in Fire and Emergency Services, and the Firefighter’s Bible (Holman Publishing).

Although Peggy has retired, she continues to help anyone in need of coping with traumatic loss and grief.  She recently relocated to Centerville, OH to be near family, especially her grandson, Jake. Peggy has served as a Hospice volunteer with the Peterson Health Hospice and provided Life Skills classes on coping with traumatic loss and grief for Warriors Heart. These days you will find her reading more, taking up crocheting after many years hiatus, and traveling near and far with friends and family.

You may contact Peggy by email at