How To Combat Holiday-Related Stress And Depression

by Jane Moore

Holiday time can be stressful for many people, and when the stress and anxiety turn to depression and suicidal thoughts, it can be difficult to reach out for help. So many of us feel low around the holidays but are afraid of being a burden to others, yet that connection is so important during this time. That’s why it is imperative to know healthy ways to battle stress and anxiety as well as the best ways to prevent those feelings and keep them from being overwhelming.

Between shopping for gifts, finding time to spend with family, cooking, cleaning, and fitting in work and/or school, the holidays are hard on anxiety sufferers. The best way to combat the negative feelings and stress is to plan well, treat yourself with kindness, and surround yourself with supportive people. Here are a few tips on how to do just that. Continue reading “How To Combat Holiday-Related Stress And Depression”

Why and How: Thoughts from a Police Officer’s Wife

by Aly Tuttle

Aly Tuttle Police Officer Wife
Aly Tuttle
Police Officer Wife

This morning, I woke up as my husband was getting ready to head into work. Today is his normal day off, yet he is going in to work some overtime and to lead the range training for the other officers. I saw his range uniform lying there. He got dressed. I gave him a kiss, told him his butt looked good in those pants and off he went. I proceeded to start laundry, and I see his uniform needs to be washed. I broke down. Why? I can’t tell you exactly why it was that moment that sent me into tears. All I know is that moment sparked a million thoughts running rampant through my head.

What if this is the last time I wash this uniform? What if I get “the call”? What if something bad happens?

Then my mind turns to hate. Why don’t all these idiots understand? Why are they killing MY family? If I had it my way, I’d just… and I stopped myself. Hate is powerful, and in a matter of seconds, I had so much rage inside of me against these Officer Murdering Cowards. (Okay, maybe there’s still a little bit). I should not give these monsters that satisfaction.

Back to more questions that run through my head as I’m in tears. Why does he do it? Wait… HOW does he do it? You can ask any officer WHY they do their job, and you will likely get a very politically correct answer of, “to serve my community” which for most is VERY true. However, “WHY” is a very loaded word. Continue reading “Why and How: Thoughts from a Police Officer’s Wife”

Life-Altering Events ~ Disabling Injuries

by Peggy Sweeney

Peggy Sweeney

There is a not-so-new epidemic sweeping this country that is finally getting the attention it deserves. Injuries and deaths among EMS and police officers are at an all time high. Emergency response workers “are more likely than other workers to die violently—from gunshots, vehicle accidents, and fire-related incidents. Their risk of suffering a fatal incident is three times greater than for all workers.”1

Patients under the influence of narcotics or alcohol, family members of the victim, or bystanders may threaten them with knives, guns, physical assault, or verbal abuse. They are constantly exposed to the dangers of communicable diseases such as Hepatitis and AIDS. Occupational injuries such as back strain from lifting patients, and hearing loss due to loud sirens, are routine in their line of work. Government agencies including the United States Public Health Service, the Department of Labor, and the National Transportation and Safety Board are finally addressing these incidents of job-related injuries and deaths, and making recommendations to protect their safety and health. Continue reading “Life-Altering Events ~ Disabling Injuries”

How To Survive A Professional Ambush

by Marla Friedman, Psy.D., P.C.

Dr. Marla Friedman
Dr. Marla Friedman

I started my career in mental health in 1979. I had graduated with a shiny fresh degree in psychology, though I had more hours in studio art and art history than in psychology. Unfortunately, my interest in art was limited by my lack of talent. I also noticed that being dead was a big career builder in the art world. That was less appealing. So ultimately I figured I could have a career in psychology, which I loved and keep art as a hobby.

I’ve always had this image that when as I was born, the doctor pulled me out, smacked my butt and said, “it’s a girl, then thumped my head and said, oh, and a psychologist.” Continue reading “How To Survive A Professional Ambush”


by Aubrey Futrell
Louisiana State Trooper (Retired)

Aubrey Futrell
Aubrey Futrell

Grief is a long and hard process that only time will ease. You will be going about your life when unexpectedly, without warning, something happens that reminds you of the one you’ve lost. You will see someone who looks like them or laughs like them. You hear a song on the radio that reminds you of them or you think of something you need to tell them and as you pick up the phone you realize, they’re gone… Your heart will break all over again, and the flood of tears will come. Continue reading “Grief”