Called to Serve

by Kevin Coffey Chicago Fire Department Firefighter (retired) How did you become a member of the fire service? The circumstances surrounding any one of us and how we found ourselves on our particular fire department are infinite. Perhaps firefighting was in your family, or perhaps you just had a fascination with the lights and sirens … Continue reading Called to Serve

Dealing With Tragic Events

by Chaplain Bruce Lacillade, M.Div. We have recently experienced a seemingly large number of tragic events in the U.S. These include, but are not limited to, wild fires, the Oklahoma tornadoes, rail transportation accidents, the Boston Marathon bombings, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, Super-storm Sandy, and hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and just recently the … Continue reading Dealing With Tragic Events

A Prayer for Emergency Responders

by Chaplain Skip Straus Emergency Ministries Lord GOD, We thank You for allowing us the privilege of living in a nation where we can worship You openly…. where we can stand up as individuals and even pray collectively… for our nation, for our leaders and for our people. And, Heavenly Father, today I would like … Continue reading A Prayer for Emergency Responders