They Called Us Heroes

by Rev Kevin Coughlin, PhD When I was a younger man, I took an oath to protect and serve my fellows. I wore a shiny badge on my chest, a bullet-proof vest, and carried a powerful weapon. At academy, I was at the top of my class, a squad leader, and an expert shot. I … Continue reading They Called Us Heroes

Who Would I Be?

by Dana Read Dana's previous article, A Day in the Life of an Addict with PTSD, about her struggle with addiction. -------------- Heading down a dark path, I've had my moments of crying, screaming and wishing I were dead. Moments of remembering it all, trying to take it all back and drowning out the pain. I … Continue reading Who Would I Be?

Just a Dispatcher

by An Anonymous Dispatcher You’re just a dispatcher. You know nothing, and you see nothing, so it can’t bother you. Really? Dispatchers don’t see anything. They should all be fine. These are just some of the things many dispatchers are told during their careers. On the surface, these comments may sound reasonable, logical, and correct. … Continue reading Just a Dispatcher

Coping with Addiction

Don had a sixteen-year career with the Brookhaven Fire Department in New York. He managed a two-station department with 80 members and fifteen apparatus. He is a former New York State certified EMT, a former member of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 36 and is proud to have served as a first responder … Continue reading Coping with Addiction

Behind the Scenes of Addiction

by Don Prince Recovery Coach We never think about the harm and hurt we are causing others when our selfish thinking and actions take over our lives. I know this was true for me, and many other men and women that I talked to or have aided in getting the help that they need and … Continue reading Behind the Scenes of Addiction