For the Sake of Our Nation’s Heroes ~ A Widow’s Story

by Emily Arguss We need to start doing better. We need to learn how to support one another instead of tearing each other down. In a world where the only way out is through, it’s important to back up our brothers and sisters instead of pushing them out of the way to reach the top. … Continue reading For the Sake of Our Nation’s Heroes ~ A Widow’s Story

The Pink Cross

by Tami Bulik I carry her spirit and the spirits of many others along with me through this life and they will remain forever in my heart. They will continue to remind me that sometimes, the only thing I can do is just be there for my patient and let them know that someone does … Continue reading The Pink Cross

Giving Grief A Chance

by Kay Wilson-Bolton Chaplain, Ventura County Fire Department Observing others in grief can be as difficult as being in your own. The emotions for those standing by can range from fear, confusion, helplessness, anger, pity, frustration and deep sorrow. Grieving is hard work, and its different for everyone. Ask the mother who never cried over … Continue reading Giving Grief A Chance