Warrior’s Heart: A Healing Place for Veterans and First Responders

by Don Prince

Don Prince
Don Prince

A very close friend of mine encouraged me to visit the Warrior’s Heart website, and review them as a potential first responder facility for addiction and post traumatic stress. I called the 800 number and was pleasantly surprised to be speaking with Josh, a co-founder. He gave me a clear and concise description of their mission as well an overview of the day-to-day activities at Warrior’s Heart. I knew in my heart that I was talking with someone genuine. This place is something very special.

After a successful career with treatment facilities in Las Vegas, Josh Lannon and his wife, Lisa – a former police officer from Las Vegas – decided to open Warrior’s Heart, a place specific to veterans and first responders. They are down to earth couple with two young children.

Warrior’s Heart was a corporate retreat for many years, situated on 540 acres in the Texas Hill Country. The accommodations are fabulous. There is a full kitchen. Meals are prepared and served by a retired Navy chef who served for 20 years, and worked in the White House under two presidents.

There is an on-site K-9 program that is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Each new client is assigned a dog that has been rescued from the local pound. Part of their therapy is to train this dog to become a service dog for himself or herself or another veteran or first responder in need. The therapeutic benefits of the K-9 program is to demonstrate a correlation between setting boundaries for yourself, the same way you set boundaries for the dog. Josh and Lisa plan to bring Equine Therapy to the ranch in the very near future.

There’s also a metal working shop on site. Each client is given an old piece of railroad steel and has to repurpose that rusty hunk of scrap into something useful again. Much like we do with our lives when we get sober.

This is a co-ed facility.  The clinical director and primary therapist connects very well with the clients and has an amazing passion for what she does at Warrior’s Heart. Her son served overseas and is one of the many veterans who has completed suicide.

Josh and Lisa’s long-term goal is to build a self-sustainable recovery and sober village on the property for veterans and responders that don’t have a place to go or need a longer continuum of care before they return home.

As a former fire chief on Long Island with 16 years experience and a person in recovery, I have worked in the addiction treatment field during the last few years. I have been able to compare a program that strives to make a difference in someone’s life, to others that offer bait-and-switch fluff; a less than effective clinical program to get someone in the door.

There is no bait and switch fluff at Warrior’s Heart. On a recent visit to Texas, I saw for myself that Josh was speaking the truth. He introduced me to their dedicated staff with an incredible program, and a 100% PEER SUPPORTED veteran and first responder environment and community unlike anyplace else.

I don’t attach my name and reputation to many programs. Over the years, I have worked very hard and helped many people get the care and respect that they deserve at reputable treatment facility. I do not want my name tarnished because I recommended a less than reliable program to someone. I have the utmost confidence that when I suggest to someone that they should consider the program at Warrior’s Heart, they will get the help that was promised to them. Josh and his staff take a personal interest in every single client that they touch.

Our Veterans and First Responders deserve the absolute best for their sacrifices. I am very humbled and proud to have been asked to be a part of the Warrior’s Heart team.

For more information, contact Don by Email or phone 561-282-8685.

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