Drunk Driver

by Donald “Tim” Trimble

The call comes in —
awakening my —
restless slumber.
Another auto wreck —
off I go.
Never really making —
a clear transition from —
dream to —

Engine 63 is
already there.
Cool, I’ll get to see
my friend Dave.
They call for more help.
Extrication “ Patient’s pinned real bad.”
I arrive on scene —
to be greeted by —
a ghastly sight.
What once was a —
Honda CRX —
is now a —
twisted metal coffin.
The lights from —
the squad cast —
eerie shadows on —
us all.

The Honda was hit —
head on.
A pickup truck went —
over the top.
Completely crushing
the roof of —
the car.
Somewhere in that —
twisted mess is our patient.
The firefighters work —
to cut off the top of —
the car.
There are skid marks on
the pavement.

Some old man leans —
on the front bumper of the engine.
Mumbling incoherently to anyone who will listen.
Chaos reigns supreme.
No one knows how this will all end.
The top is off now.
We’re far from freeing the patient.
Legs are entwined with car parts —
under the twisted dash.
This is not what science meant —
melding humans with machine.
Time to do some patient care —
stabilize the patient’s condition as best we can.
Before the firefighters continue their task at hand.

that’s the plan
but wait —
there’s a problem
there is no face.
Well not a face —
in the truest sense of the word.
The features are all mangled —
bloodied, and broken.
I cannot find a mouth —
to open —
no nose —
to use as a guide.
It isn’t till I cut off the shirt —
that I realize this is a girl.
The gentle creature of God’s creation —
now laid out before me like butchered beef.

I find out later she is seventeen.
Went to the local high school —
an honor student no less.
On her way home from work.
A waitress who serves pasta —
at my favorite pasta place.

Her parents come —
OOPS………. what a mess.
The ominous reassurance–
“we’re doing our best.”
The helicopter swings round.
DJ, Margaret, and Wendell are here —
more friends I get to see.
Thank God!
It’s their mess now.

Firefighters have her out now.
A lifeless form on the backboard.
Somewhere out of what was —
her face sticks the tube that’s —
breathing for her now.
Her delicate features are disguised —
trendy dress replaced —
medical devices not so sheik.
Into the copter she goes —
off to the trauma center —
hope for a miracle.

Oh yeah —
the old man is —
still leaning on the front bumper —
of the fire engine.
Telling all who will listen —
“She was all over the road.”
“ I tried to avoid her but she kept turning into me.”
He gets to go next.
He’s not seriously hurt.
Jacoby and Meyer’s neck pain.
Thinks it’s all her fault
How can you not realize?
Are you so out of touch? Control?
Nothing but another —
!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCKING DRUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!