Imprints on the Soul

by Careen Condrotte

Careen Condrotte
Careen Condrotte

Every waking moment of each and every day
Leaves an imprint, a memory that may stay
Locked in the very essence of who we are
But do we always know if that memory will scar?

Was the imprint a moment of joy or of sorrow?
Are we present in the moment, or thinking about tomorrow?
Was the moment gone, much to fast?
Or did it leave an imprint to last?

Was the imprint one of terrors in the night?
Waking, drenched in sweat…looking to fight.
Is it just a memory, or something much more?
Touching something else, deep down in our core.

Is the imprint a flashback, a smell or a scream?
Is this living hell, or just a really bad dream?
If we are present in this moment, with all of our senses
There’s no avoiding the splash-over, despite our defenses.

Do we notice the imprints of these moments in time?
Would we be present to notice if someone wasn’t so “fine”?
Do we realize these moments can take a terrible toll
Touching the very essence of us, a part of our soul?

Can we be honest when we ask “How are You?”
Or will we get uncomfortable, and find something to do.
Can we show we really care with a genuine smile?
Or will we avoid, and start making a mile.

At the end of the day, we are really the same.
With bodies, hearts and souls – just with a different name.
All on a journey, of moments in time
And not everything is black and white, or in a straight line.

Do we have the power to soften the imprints of sorrow?
With a compassionate heart, offer hope for tomorrow.
Could we ask about the moments that do bring a smile?
Kindness is simple, but goes a long mile.

Perhaps we can’t erase all the moments that bring pain
But we can learn to live, love and laugh once again.
Remember that life will have many shades of gray
Leaving imprints of moments, each and every day.

Compassion and kindness bring a light to the dark
Softening the pain, so it won’t leave such a mark.
So the next time you see the uniforms moving, hear sirens and see the
trucks roll,
Thank them for their service, they have many imprints on their soul.

C.E. Condrotte
©January 22, 2015

About the Author: Careen Condrotte is a Registered Social Worker who has been immersed in the field of crisis intervention for close to 20 years. Careen is an Approved ICISF instructor and Provincial Coordinator of a newly developed Alberta-wide Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) & Peer Support program for EMS practitioners and EMS dispatchers. An advocate of prevention and early intervention services for emergency service personnel, Careen works hard on a provincial level to collaborate with other emergency service partners in Fire Services and Law Enforcement to ensure responders get appropriate supports following critical/traumatic events. Careen is also a Level II Reiki Practitioner and has begun to introduce alternative/holistic approaches for self-care and trauma recovery. Her poems are dedicated to the brave men and women who risk their lives, and their souls, daily to respond to other people’s emergencies.