Deadly Epidemic

by Joye Atkinson

There seems to be an epidemic spreading more and more each day
Although it’s not contagious people are dying anyway
It’s not heart disease or cancer, Alzheimer’s or even dope
This disease is caused from believing there’s no hope
This thing I am referring to causes one to believe
That no one cares about them and it causes them to grieve
When they feel life has no meaning and that nothing can be done
They may take an overdose or go out and get a gun
Then their friends and family deal with grief of their own
And if they don’t ask for help they too may soon be gone
Lord, help us to pay attention and always be alert
Fill us with your compassion for those who really hurt.

About the Author: Joye Atkinson is originally from Sumter, South Carolina. For over 30 years, she has been writing from personal experience, and for people who have been through severe hardships. This is her gift, and her purpose is to encourage those who are hurting to let them know they are not alone and there is hope. She currently resides in Bowling Green, Kentucky.