The Bullet

by Jason Zangara
Former Police Officer, Badge #1673

A bullet so filled with speed
and truth.

But when it lies in its empty shell,
It becomes hollow.
As hollow as the target,
Shallow as the lake of fire.

So much power.
But left with empty brass…
Bullet, copper, brass
Metal, speed, power.


You are a burn that is an instant,
But that is forever…
And forever is NOT NOW AND NOT EVER…
I respect you, Bullet.

But you are NOT FOR ME…!

So be shallow and be empty,
For my Life is Full of Fulfillment,
So, my Bullet, I secure you for thy enemy.
I may be running blind, but not without Sight.

About the Author: Jason Zangara is a single father to an eight year old son, Bear. Jason served two years as a Corrections officer and eleven years as a Police officer. He is proud to have received two life saving medals, Excellent Police Duty medal, Meritorious Medal, Combat Cross, and is nominated for Governor Rick Scott’s Officer of Valor award. Jason was also awarded the Chief’s Coin of Bravery and Commitment.