When Police Use Force: Life and Death Decisions

Canadian Broadcast Company presentation

Listen HERE to a recent CBC interview with Syd Gravel
as he describes the 56 seconds that changed his life forever.

Syd-Gravel-300x320Meet Syd Gravel: Syd Gravel is a retired Staff Sergeant from the Ottawa (Canada) Police Service and is one of the founding fathers of Robin’s Blue Circle (established in 1988), a post-shooting trauma team that assists officers work their way through the trauma of death or near-death work related incidents.

Syd is an over 25 year PTSD survivor and refers to himself as a healthy survivor of PTSD as he has learned to live with it and continue to be productive in spite of it. As an 8 year veteran and constable of the police service he developed PTSD. It was precipitated by his shooting of what he thought was an armed robber during an armed robbery response. In spite of his PTSD, he went on to be promoted to the ranks of sergeant then staff sergeant during the following 23 years of his continued police work as a front line patrol officer and subsequently in charge of all recruitment and training for the last 10 years of his career.

In 2007, for the many years of service to his peers, his devotion to training and recruiting and helping so many through their times of need, he was nominated by his peers for the Order of Merit in Policing, Canada and received the award from then Governor General Michael Jean.   

Syd has written two books since 2013 – “56 Seconds” and  “How to Survive PTSD and Build Peer Support” both available via Amazon.com and his website. He is presently working  on his third book, due out summer of 2014.