Devotion to Our Children

by Wendell Edmonds

Dear Kind, Gracious, and Loving Heavenly Father,

We come to You now and always asking for Your guiding hand upon all of our children across this great Country and World.

Lord, as parents and role models, we ask that You provide us with the necessary words of wisdom and guidance to teach our children the Love that You have for us all.

We ask that our children would not pick on and bully each other. Lord, some of our children are physically bullied but a lot are mentally bullied; both hurt our kids in the same way.

sign175x150We ask Your guiding hand upon the kids that do the bullying to learn that it hurts the kids that they pick on and that these kids sometimes take their own grief and anguish out on themselves.

We ask that You help both the kids being bullied and the kids doing the bullying that they seek help from an adult and know that help is always available and that suicide or self-mutilation are not reasonable options.

We also ask that the teachers, principals, and staff at the schools will listen to the words of our kids and that action will be taken so that our kids will not feel helpless.

Lord, we love You and only want the best for our kids that they find the Peace of Your Love in themselves to be able to shine for others.

Please Lord, give all these kids the fortitude to know that they are loved by all, no matter their health problems, weight, height, looks, or disabilities. That Your Love and our love are always there for them.

Lord, we love You and thank You for always being there even in times that we think that You are not for we know You carry us, as You did the Cross, on Your shoulders for safe keeping. In Jesus Christ Precious, Holy, and Sacred Name I pray. Amen