The Onion Field

by John Chiusolo
former Jersey City (NY) Police Officer

September 16, 1970 was a sad day in Jersey City, New Jersey. At approximately 8:00 p.m. that evening, a 12 year old girl named Pamela Dial (daughter of Firefighter John Dial) walked outside of her home at 9 Bleecker Street, at which time she was coerced and kidnapped by a scumbag named Joseph Kuklinski – brother of the infamous murderer, “Iceman”, Richard Kuklinski. police-badge300He took her and her dog to the roof of 438 Central Avenue. He gave her an alcoholic beverage, raped and killed her on his rooftop makeshift bedroom. He threw her off of the roof along with her dog. She died and the dog lived. The Jersey City Police made an arrest within hours. Kuklinski died in Trenton State Prison. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

Let me begin by saying, first and foremost, that I do not want this to turn into an “I, Me and My” story because it is not about me. I will start by saying that I was a police officer in Jersey City, New Jersey.

I was involved in a fatal shooting. I went to the department shrink, a self-dubbed police psychologist. He had another degree in bullshitting people. My shooting was in the early 90’s and from that day forward, my life changed. I also lost most of my family, friends and some coworkers. My department was excellent towards me though.

Several years later, I was accused of police brutality and spent four years in prison! While in my 4’x8′ cell, Trenton State Prison personnel decided to run a movie called The Onion Field which is about a police officer involved in a shooting that gets arrested for shoplifting. A must see movie, but not while in prison.

Subsequent to the movie, I started doing research by having friends check on what little Internet information there was about officer shootings. I read about a study, which I believe was called the Boston Study, in which they found that approximately 85 % of officers (maybe higher) get in trouble with the law and go to jail post-shooting. I truly believe that there is a direct correlation.

I also lost my family and some friends. I also got divorced. My heart goes out to these deputies. Luckily, I have a few of these websites and friends like Captain Robert Cubby, my former Sergeant, who are still there for me. In closing, I would like to say that if you cry, shed a tear for Deputies Badino and Pepper. If you say a prayer, say one for them. God bless them and give them peace!

About the Author: John Chiusolo is a former Jersey City police officer. His father was a member of the fire department. He was an EMT and a corrections officer before becoming a police officer. John likes to write and is working on a book about his life. He was prosecuted and convicted as a police officer of official misconduct and jailed for 4 1/2 years. He suffers from PTSD today from his ordeals.