Brotherhood of Fire

by Jonathan Lusk, Captain Fresno (CA) Fire Department Brotherhood of Fire

Internationally, firefighters share similar values, personalities, job and even life experiences. Because of this, they develop deeply meaningful relationships with each other. This family-like bond becomes so strong they literally view themselves as “Brothers” and “Sisters”.

A tribute to all Firefighters, Brotherhood of Fire explores the danger, courage, and sometimes the “ultimate sacrifice” firefighters must face every day while protecting and preventing the loss of property and/or life. Dedicated and honorably sworn to serve, firefighters must often be willing to risk their own personal safety to assist the citizens they serve. It is their call of duty and THE guiding principle for EVERY firefighter.

luskBrotherhood of Fire Facebook page was created to connect, share and learn about firefighters, the departments they work for and the communities they serve. From modern day to historic past. Through photographs, video, history and other forms of art. A community of firefighters, photographers, historians and artists… and the people who love them.

Some accomplishments of our Facebook page:

  • Recognize and HONOR past and present Line of Duty Deaths (LODD) in the Fire Service in our promise to “Never Forget”. – We highlight and feature each fallen brother or sister with a personal story.
  • Help bring awareness to causes, fundraisers and charities like cancer for down/out/struggling firefighters.
  • A resource for training, education, inspiration, entertainment and discussion forum
  • Helped gather 8,000+ signatures to have Lt. Joey DiBernardo Jr.’s death recognized by the FDNY and the city of New York as a L.O.D.D. worthy of HONOR and RECOGNITION.

Joey Di was killed years later by accidental overdose of pain killing medicines he was taking as a result of the infamous “Black Sunday Bailout”. Joey lived in pain and suffering for years after jumping from the top floor of a Bronx apartment. Initially, the Department refused LODD status… but after the petition and politicking… the Department and the City changed their position on his death and ruled it LODD… granting, posthumously, HIGH HONORS and FDNY Hero status.

  • Helped other related Facebook pages grow their fan numbers by running stories about and “featuring” them.
  • Pushed a voting drive that helped the Fire Museum of Memphis (TN) win a contest for much needed free public relations.
  • Tackling tough to discuss issues like Post Traumatic Stress, marriage problems and other workplace struggles.
  • Helped gather the needed 25,000+ signatures needed to petition the White House / President Obama to award the Medal of Freedom to the recent 4 Firefighters and other Police Officers related to the West Webster, NY incident. on Christmas Eve morning 2012, in Webster (NY), two firefighters died and two were critically wounded when a madman shot them as they responded to a structure fire. These four firefighters are volunteer.

The White House has an official petition process for awarding the Medal of Honor: 25,000 signatures must be gathered before the President will consider the petition.

When the petition originator (Paul) approached me, he had been working the petition a little over a week and had 3000+ signatures. I agreed to help with the petition drive and promoted it on the Brotherhood of Fire Facebook page.

Exactly two days later, we had the additional 22,000 signatures needed for official President consideration. Paul is now deeply entrenched with Senators and Congressmen calling for the President to honor the fallen firefighters. The Medal of Freedom is the highest honor the United States President can award a civilian for service to our country.


About the Author: Jonathan Lusk is currently a Fire Captain for the Fresno Fire Department in California, publisher of Brotherhood of Fire, and will soon be launching financial services and advice called “Financial Firefighter, to help with your personal credit and debt rescue.” In the past, he has been a Paramedic, HazMat Specialist, EMT trainer, and served on the Board of Directors for a 501(c)3.

Jonathan is married to his best friend Wendy. Together they have 3 wonderful kids, 2 dogs, 3 cats and 7 fish. Life is good and blessed.